Abandoned Hospital, South Pittsburg, TN

The Hospital's History and Information

12APR10 Quick Update

For all the folks that saw us last weekend on PTN and those that missed us... the location for last weekend's event was hands-down the most haunted, paranormally active site we have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and find a way to get there!

All 30+ of us are analyzing data we collected and I hope to get links to the other's sites as we plan to share everything we find. More anon...

30MAR10 Update:

OK... Night Management scheduled, canceled, re-scheduled, and then canceled yet again. I will likely not see the registration fee again.

Plan B: Steve Hill from Piedmont Paranormal Research has an event 09-11APR 2010 that will actually happen. [link]

History that is actually documented...what the land was used for previously has been debated: The hospital went through 3 phases of construction before being completed to the building it is today. It first opened it's doors in 1959 as the only community hospital in the area. It served as such until it was closed down in 1988 due to financial difficulty. It remained empty until the mid 90s when new owners took over and tried again. This effort only lasted a short time.

The layout of the hospital includes: On the ground level: Kitchen, meeting rooms, cafeteria, and communications. On the 2nd/main level: Emergency room, Tri City Medical Clinic, ICU, PPU, Outpatient Surgery, ICU, PPU, Physical Therapy...etc. 3rd floor: Surgical, Maternity, and Psychiatric. There are over 300 rooms and 68,000 square feet.

The hospital closed for good in 1998-1999 and has been empty and privately owned ever since. The current owner, a pediatrician who once worked in the hospital when needed now owns the building. It was purchased with the intent to sell, but it was soon found to have unique "inhabitants". While inside the hospital to perform repairs, workers and family members of the doctor began having unexplained experiences. This led to the building being investigated at length, with hundreds of hours of documented paranormal data. In an effort to keep the hospital where and as it is, it is now being opened up by the owner and Vonore Area Paranormal Research for paranormal tours and events to help pay for upkeep.

This hospital has been investigated by only a handful teams thus far. The most notable of these teams was the Hollywood Ghost Hunters. This team of Hollywood actors, writers and authors (Including "Friday the 13th's Kane Hodder, and actor/stuntman Rick McCallum) spent a night within the hospital walls and walked away with amazing evidence. Among the few teams that have investigated have been Tennessee Paranormal Investigation Team, Clarksville Ghost Hunters, Knox Paranormal Investigators, and Vonore Area Paranormal Research.

There have been countless hours of data logged. Some evidence includes:

13 separate, documented voices. Including 3 different children. Examples of audio captured: A female child that begs investigators to play with her, an elderly woman that orders visitors from her room, and a nurse giving medical instructions...just to name a few.

A child size black shadow on video at the 2nd floor nurses station

A large black shadow caught on a digital camera in the 2nd floor records room

An internal phone ringing, even though there are no phones, and the communication wires are disconnected

Elevator doors that "ding" as if they are going to open, though the elevators no longer operate

Doors slam down empty hallways

Phantom lights with no explanation

Audible voices such as singing, humming, and moaning

The sound of running on empty floors

Small objects being thrown at people just to get their attention

A tricycle that moves on its own throughout the hospital

And pretty much anything else you can possibly imagine.

Dr. Jim Clauson
Lead Investigator and Case Manager

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