PRS Field Trip Planning Disaster

The Paranormal State Field Trip #5 to Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs, TN on 07-8AUG09 promised a 2-day event full of workshops, ghost hunts, and seances. The schedule on their website as late as Thursday 06AUG09 showed the full schedule.

  • 16 75-90 minute workshops
  • 5 1-hour ghost hunts
  • 4 30-minute seances
  • 3 90-minute lectures

When we arrived on Friday, we were given the revised schedule:

  • 12 (not 16) 75-90 minute workshops
  • 4 (not 5) 1-hour ghost hunts (but you could only got to one)
  • 1 (not 4) 30-minute seance (attendance via raffle)
  • 1 (not 3) 90-minute lecture

By the time we received this revised bait and switch schedule, we had already been waiting in the hot sun for 2.5 hours and were too drained to realize what they had done to us.

We also found out that the 50 +/- people in front of us had taken many of the workshop slots and they were closed

Ms. Evelyn, Darrell, and the rest of the Thomas House staff were superb as always. It was good to see the PRS & AGH crews in person. But the event management leaves a lot to account for.

The final straw, after having already waited 90 minutes, was being told at 10:58PM that if I was not on the 11PM tour - the hotel was off-limits and they turned off the lights. Where was I supposed to wait the additional hour til my tour started? Event staff suggested my motel. With a 35 minute drive to my hotel, I doubt I will make it back in time for the midnight hunt.

I hope my laptop power cord is still plugged in where I was working prior to being abruptly evicted by the event staff.

More when I cool off bit.

Day 2

Day 2 was better after a short night's sleep and a cold shower...

As I was arriving Josh asked me if I had gotten in on the second ghost hunt and that he was sorry about last night's mix-up. Several other members of the cast or crew asked if things were better. I realized, again, that the crew was doing a great job and were getting torpedoed by the event staff. I hope they have competent staff for future events.

The seance with Michelle was quite interesting and provided some interesting results. I wish we could have been video taping the event.


On the 3 hour drive home, I tried to balance the weekend between all that I gained -vs- all of the troubles. On balance, I think I took away much of value. The workshops and discussions were great and I even took a lot of notes.

My overall evaluation of the event is that it was designed and marketed to a different demographic that I am a member of. I met very few serious paranormal investigators - most folks were fans of the show or "groupies" of a certain cast member. This was a much more social event than a learning event. I will be more careful in choosing future events.

Details as I have time to review my pages of notes.

Dr. Jim Clauson
Lead Investigator

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