Case File: Masquerade Club in Atlanta

How Dark is Evil?

Paranormal investigators often have difficulty explaining how a room that appears jet black can get darker -- or how a dark shadow can be seen moving in a darkened area. Sometimes we get a feeling, sometimes our hair stands up, sometimes we get a chill.

Sometimes, we come face to face with evil and find out what dark REALLY is.

It was a warm summer evening in Atlanta. We were at the Masquerade club for a triple-bill, death metal concert. A parapsychologist would have had a field day. A haunted, 100 year-old mill converted to a 3-floor dance club - mostly painted black. The three levels top to bottom are named Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, respectively. The crowd was mostly in black and many were in pagan or satanic costumes. The bands were 3 of the darker, death-metal bands of the day and the stage was set-up to look like a grave yard.

At this point, I should note that I am a middle-aged college professor and probably was the oldest person at the venue that night. I was also the designated driver. No - I was not a stoned metalhead...

The three of us were standing in the back of the Heaven level watching the headliner perform. It was cooler and much less crowded back there. We were maybe 20 feet from the back of the crowd.

As I was watching the band - they seems to start moving - like the visual distortion you would see above a hot highway. I assumed it was just the heat rising from the crowded floor area. The distortion turned into a black cloud. At first, I could still see the band through the cloud. It then became more dense and did not allow any light through it at all. It seemed to be stationary and vibrating 20-30 feet in front of me. It then shot straight towards me. The size looked to be as wide as my shoulders and from my head to my knees. It continued to accelerate and blew right through me at chest level.

It was, apparently, within my body for a split second - but it seemed like an eternity. During that time, I felt the strongest, darkest sensations -- like the dread and pain of the universe was in my body. Visually, I saw high speed images of carnage and grief and... I heard screams and moans like the pits of Hell. I simply cannot express how horrible I felt. My head was pounding, my joints ached, and my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest. I ran down two flights of steps to the Hell level - where it was cooler and quieter. My friends chased after me - having no idea what I had just experienced. I was debating going out to my car for my heart medicine when they found me agitated, walking in small circles, and talking to myself. My mind was not functioning well, but I tried to explain what I thought had happened. I couldn't. When my system finally stabilized - we left and went back to the hotel. The concert no longer interested me.

For weeks when I closed my eyes or entered a dark room -- I "saw" the images of the evil that passed through me that night. That was when I started using the St. Michael prayer of protection before I entered and before I left suspect locations.

Building History & Background:

Dupre Excelsior Mill is a former excelsior mill located at 695 North Avenue in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The mill was built in 1890 by DuPre Manufacturing Co. The 100-year-old mill buildings feature exterior stone bearing walls and sweeping 18’ ceiling heights. The development will also include a new parking deck and residential amenities.‘Excelsior’ is a wood packaging and fill product whose usage was replaced by rubber and plastics in the mid-twentieth century. This historic mill was founded by Frank DuPre and operated until 1966.The peeled, dried second-growth pine used for the various grades of excelsior was harvested from forests owned by the company. The buildings at Excelsior Mill are particularly historically valuable because much of the original excelsior manufacturing equipment is still in place.

During the late 1970s and 1980s, the buildings were home to an independent pizzeria, complete with a small movie theater and an in-house pipe organ.

In 1988, it became the Masquerade, now a well-known nightclub and concert venue for both indoor and outdoor shows.

Posted by Dr. Jim Clauson, AUG08

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