Article: Snake Cam

Locked out?

It is human nature. We do not like to be excluded. Walls, doors, locks, bars... all exclude us. Access gives us a sense of power.

Paranormal investigators like to get to the bottom of things - this typically requires access. Gaining access to a grave yard requires a step or two, a bit of courtesy, and behaving professionally. Not a problem

We have been investigating several grave yards for years. Some active and some not so active -- but there is a serenity at cemeteries that the team appreciates.

Vaults are a challenge. Sometimes you can get muffled noises from inside. We had one vault which had a “resident” that usually put on quite a show for us – but we could never get decent audio and certainly not visuals. We use sensitives and sometimes can even get interaction from inside. BUT – you cannot get inside. Walls, doors, locks, bars...

The challenge? Getting eyes and ears inside the vaults.

Challenge 1: Getting eyes inside the vault.

Anthony went to Home Depot and bought a Rigid brand snake cam. In a nutshell, the working end of the snake cam is a lighted camera 0.75” in diameter at the end of a stiff, six-foot, bendable optic cable. All we needed was a 0.75” opening and we had… access.

In the images that follow, Anthony is manipulating the snake cam through a drain in the vault. Rain shortened out initial testing and we will have to practice to better manipulate the viewing end – but we considered the testing successful.

Challenge #2: Getting ears inside the vault

This had a cheaper solution. I had a Radio Shack, amplified electret lavalier microphone. I also had some three-foot bamboo tomato stakes and a roll of electrical tape. Solved. In the close images below, you can see the green stake with grey microphone cord taped to it.

The “resident” of the vault, normally quite ill and noisy when we are around – was uncharacteristically quiet. One of our sensitives said that he knew what we were trying to do and went silent.

Created by Dr. Jim Clauson, 29MAR09

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