Case File: Newbury House, Rugby, Tennessee


During the 1880's, Rugby both flourished and floundered, attracting wide-spread attention on two continents and hundreds of hopeful settlers from both Britain and other parts of America. By 1884, Hughes' vision seemed bent on becoming a thriving reality. An English agriculturalist had been employed to help train new colonists. Some 70 graceful Victorian buildings had been constructed on the town site, and over 300 residents enjoyed the rustic yet culturally refined atmosphere. From:


Samhain in an 1880s haunted boarding house. Celebrating the dead in a cemetery almost 130 years old. It was quite a weekend. While not Wiccan, I have a deep respect for earth-based belief systems. So, spending midnight in a old cemetery at midnight when the veil was thinnest was a rush - even if psychological.

Some investigations are evidence-rich and some are atmospheric-rich. As it turned out, this investigation was atmospheric-rich, personal encounter-rich and void of technical evidence.

"We" had several visitations. ALL happened while I was out of the room investigating. [sigh] My wife was not feeling well and decided to stay in the suite. A marginal "convert" from total skepticism, she started the evening, whilst I was away investigating, introducing herself to the spirits of record in the Newman House.

At one point, she awoke to find her bed covers very carefully and neatly rolled down on the bed. NOT kicked off, but multiple folded and down on her legs.

Her other 'significant' visitation was pressure on her chest. She acknowledged the spirit's presence and kindly asked them to leave. The pressure subsided. Given her lack of fear and willed reduction in pressure -- I discounted hypnagogic or hypnopomic events*.

Light Anomalies Test:

We are always trying to create examples of false positives in various phenomenon. Some lens flares do not look like camera problems. With a fireplace in the suite, I decided to see what I could get using night vision and shooting toward the fireplace - but with the fireplace JUST out of frame. The result, was a series of apparent anomalies - of which the following is an example. It would be easy, if one were not aware of this problem, to see such an image and believe it were a paranormal phenomenon. This is clearly a lens flare:

EMF Meter Test:

With a power distribution panel in the main suite room, I was curious about a) how far out the EMF field extended and b) how well the several EMF meters correlated.

I was using
  • an ELF

  • a "standard" digital EMF meter

There was a very strong - 40-60mg depending on axis of measurement - EMF field immediately adjacent to the breaker box. However - the field dropped off very rapidly to ambient within 12"-18". To me, this means that one would have to learn their head against the breaker box to get the max field effect. Working at a normal distance from the wall, one would not receive much more than ambient EMF.

Some like to talk about the "fear-cage effect" -- but unless the field is pervasive with a workspace - one would have to doubt how much effect the EMF fields would actually have. These fields drop off very quickly (logarithmically) as the distance from the source increases.

Newbury House Today:

NB: The Historic Rugby organization downplays the paranormal aide of Rugby; as it is dedicated to education. See: for details.

Dr. Jim Clauson
Case Manager

* More may be found at:

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