Case File: Creek Apartments, Knoxville TN
The following is a brief summary of the Creek Case, due to the very personal nature of the case.

Background: TEP was called in to investigate a 4-bedroom apartment in Creek Apartments in South Knoxville. The mother (a widow) and two of her teenage daughters have lived in the apartment since the late 1990s.

Primary Concern: The mother contacted TEP because of ongoing poltergeist activity and bad “feelings” in the apartment. Whether these are actually escalating or the residents are noticing them more is unclear. They had two of the classic questions “Are we crazy?” and “Are we in danger?”

Initial Phone and Email Interviews: In initial interviews, the residents discussed poltergeist activity -- sustained at Levels 1-4 and very occasionally at Level 5. The most common activities were footsteps, door handle rattling, and the feeling of being watched. They also reported ‘corner of the eye shadows’ that seemed to move intelligently.

Initial investigation: Our plan for the first visit was to do detailed interviews, a walk-through by both of our sensitives, and baseline measurements. Equipment and transportation issues caused us to go to Plan C and we deferred the baseline measurements until our next visit and concentrated on the human side this visit.

Walk-Through Impressions: Nikki & Tamra went through the apartment separately and then later together. Tamra and Jim were mic’ed. The audio from the two recorders is still being analyzed. Anthony and Jim took measurements with digital and K-II EMF meters as well.

Nikki and Tamra initially sensed:
• an “Eeyore-like” male entity in the kitchen,
• a comfortable energy in the dining area,
• nothing in the living room,
• a bully entity of unknown gender in the first bedroom,
• nothing in the second bedroom,
• a rapidly swirling negative force in the third bedroom, and
• an overwhelming sense of fear in the fourth bedroom.

Kitchen: The entity in the kitchen is male and gave out the message “Is this what I have been reduced to?” and is apparently limited to a back and forth path in the kitchen. His reacted to us by backing up against the wall as if he were trying to push back through it. There was a 2.6 mG peak in the middle of the kitchen area that dropped off as we moved from the center of the peak – then back up again toward appliances. We will power down the kitchen for the next visit to rule out ambient fields.

1st bedroom: The entity in the first bedroom was a bully that seemed intent on making people feel uncomfortable. He was centered mainly in the closet – but has been seen as a ‘corner of the eye shadow’ peaking out of the bedroom. At this point, the theory is that it is this spirit causing the poltergeist activities. The alternate theory is that the poltergeist is actually spontaneous PK energy – potentially generated by the 2 adolescent daughters. We are developing protocols to hopefully differentiate these two opposing theories (we recognize this is an area of contention among investigators). There were no anomalous EMF readings.

2nd bedroom: Neither sensitive received anything in this room, nor were there any EMF readings. The room is currently used for a sewing room and not a bed room.

3rd bedroom: Both Nikki and Tamra sensed a swirling black cloud in the third bedroom. While Tamra was able to completely enter the room and interact with the negative energy, Nikki felt ill and had to leave. On our joint visit, Nikki initially remained by the door – while Tamra and I entered the room and the area where the cloud was swirling. I found an initial EMF peak of 2.2 in the room – which moved back into the corner as Tamra and I sat/stood near it and discussed countermeasures. After it moved into the corner, Nikki was able to enter the room without getting sick to her stomach.

4th bedroom: Both Tamra and Nikki sensed a very powerful feeling of fear in the master bedroom – permeating the bedroom and connected bath. There did not seem to be a localized energy, but it was evenly spread throughout.

Trigger Object Experiment: We are currently writing up a controlled trigger object experiment and data form that the residents can perform pending our next visits. Given the level of poltergeist activity, we are hoping this will be productive. We also hope that we can get the entities used to doing them, so we can use a locked off camera on a future visit to successfully capture movement.

Future Visits: We are planning a minimum of two more visits and are developing detailed plans for those visits. I will update the case file as we progress.

Dr. Jim Clauson,
Case Manager

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