Why we are here

"For psi research to appeal to mainstream science, it must first demonstrate that conventional methods of analysis lead to a strong prima facie case that there is something interesting going on." Dean Radin

Why: Each TEP member has their own unique and often personal reason for this endeavor; what we share is a passion to better understand these areas at the fringes of existing science.

What: The goal of the Third Eye Paranormal team is to study, research, and analyze paranormal events, locations, and theories to better understand the "whys" as much as the "whats." Then, to present our findings and thinking in an attempt to change people's opinion of the paranormal - often one mind at a time.

How: Using state of the art equipment (and some more basic) - current and prototypes - serious paranormal and parapsychological research, and a first rate investigative team including sensitives, we hope to better understand and, where possible, provide evidence of this mostly unknown scientific field.

Scientific? Because it has batteries does not make it scientific. We cannot advance the field just by carrying electronics around - we have to learn to use the scientific method to effectively research this field. Only then will what we believe move toward legitimate science.

We seek understanding.

What We Are:

We are open-minded and collaborative. We strive to both advance the field and to move inter-team cooperation up a notch.

We believe in openly sharing information and learnings with our community. We see too much competition.

While we utilize technical gear to investigate, we appreciate paranormal pioneer Harry Price's tool kit - believing that taking one's mind, a pad of paper, and a pen or pencil are often the best tools we have available to us.

What We Are Not

We are not interested in being the biggest, the oldest, the first... all the other superlatives that some groups seem to think are so important. This is not a competition

We are not interested in titles, or ranks, or org charts. Our bylaws are one line: we do not need bylaws. We are a team - each with roles that fit our skills, working together to meet our goals.

IPAA East Tennessee Chapter

As the Tennessee Chapter for the International Paranormal community, we strive to collaborate with East Tennessee paranormal groups to move our profession to a higher level.

-The Third Eye Paranormal Team
jclauson at third-eye-paranormal dot com

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