Case File: Old Gray Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee
File Created 03AUG08

03AUG08 Update:

The TEP team had a successful investigation of the Old Gray Cemetery last night and this morning. 40% of the planned team members were unable to participate and we had to reorganize. Our preplanning paid off and we were able to cover all the points on our investigation plan within the time allotted.

Preliminary Report:

Once again, our sensitive was able to connect with a number of spirits. Her first-hand account follows:

J. A. Henson Vault: We believed there to be two people in the Henson Vault - but we did not know the names, gender, or possible relationship. The front of the vault is engraved with only "J.A. Henson."

At the vault, I picked up a very strong male presence. I did not pick up the female, we really wouldn't have known she was there had it not been for the plot locator book up front. He was so strong. I knew it was a man as I have always picked up a man there on previous visits, but never so strong. In previous visits, we just stopped by the vault and have never tried to reach out to him nor knocked on his door. He clearly does NOT like our knocking on his vault door!

As we stood on the vault steps, I told Anthony it was a man in there and was picking up the name James... loudly. We did not yet realize how much we were disturbing him with our knocking and EVP-soliciting questions. We heard knocks and what sounded like the shuffling of feet in there, like James was anxiously pacing back and forth. We were mic'ed and had the night vision video running here as well. At this point, I could feel him getting more annoyed with us and knew it was time to leave him. It is his home and to him we were invading his home as do alot of homeless people. He doesn't like it.

Then, James A. Henson's spirit apparently invaded my space. I suddenly felt a rush of overwhelming hotheadedness, lost my equilibrium, and had to grab Anthony's arm for stability a couple of times. The way it came over me reminded me of being sea sick. When I did regain my composure, it was time for me to step away from this area, because I knew it was just going to get worse. He accomplished his goal: I left his space and will be more vigilant at his vault in the future.

A later check of the grave locator showed that James A. Henson and his wife were interred in the vault. The story about possible foul-play may explain why she could not connect with the female in the vault.

Lady in straw hat Early on, to the left toward the older section, I saw an old lady in a straw hat kneeling at a tombstone in a pair of overalls. She was visiting someone close. I got the feeling she doesn't reside there, but just visits. She came and went rather quickly we startled her.

As we walked around, I got the feeling of being watched several times

Mary's Grave When we got to Mary Magdalene Richard's grave, her sadness pulled me to her. She was mourning for someone. That's why I needed someone close when I went toward her. The black mass looked so physical in front of the grave, I could almost touch it. I hope the night vision video picked something up. She was so clear and so vivid in my mind's eye, it still surprises me now that no one else on the team saw her in the black mass.

Voices As we were walking around, I heard a voice say 2 words: ".....back" I didn't catch the first word. It was so loud, I was convinced another team member had said something to me. It was as if you said it right in my ear - so, I turned to ask if the others had said something. In hindsight, I should have asked the voice to repeat its comment.

I caught alot in my vision, but as I turned or focused on them, they quickly faded.

Young Lady As we were taking a break near the front gate, I got the feeling of being watched again. There was a lady standing across the way, just watching - just curious as to what we where doing there. Nothing more about her except she was a younger lady, maybe in her late twenties.

Black Car As we were finishing our break and starting back down the main boulevard, I saw an interesting picture. I saw a black car parked in front of the former fountain, it looks like maybe a car from the 1920s. It was just visiting the park. I did not see its driver or anyone in it.

18JUN08 Update:

We have received permission from the Old Gray Cemetery Board of Trustees to schedule an 8PM to 4:30AM investigation of the cemetery at a to-be-determined future date. Certain rules apply and the KPD must be advised.

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