Case File: Fort Southwest Point, Kingston, Tennessee
Opening file 25JUL08

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24OCT08 Update

We did a 5 hour follow-up investigation on Friday, 24OCT08. Our TEP team consisted of Nikki, Tamra, Anthony, and myself. Most of the comments below are from Nikki's journal. The images were taken with a Sony DSC-H9 digital camera with a new 56 LED Illuminator (a report on this will follow).

Nikki: "The first spirit we connected with was the Captain that resides in the BOQ. He’s a very strong willed spirit that demands attention from all around him. I bypassed him initially as I wanted to save my strength.

I walked past the BOQ and went to the plastic-covered foundations of the next building. I felt a spirit there - a soft spirit.

Psychically, the fort and area is very comfortable to be a place of war and loneliness.

Standing by the old foundation, I saw a white ball of mass float from one tree to the next and I took off walking towards it trying to at least capture its essence. The mass was gone, but I did figure out what it was from. Beneath three small trees, basically in a triangle, lay a soldier long gone but his memory was still there. I could feel his energy in the ground. I didn’t sense anything physical left in the grave.


Nikki near the grave site

When I knelt on the ground and placed my hand on top of this spot, I got a picture of him watching his own funeral - not from his view of being buried but rather from a third party’s view. It was like he was off to the side, watching his own funeral. I watched them lower the wooden casket into the ground. He was a solider dressed in a blue uniform with a flat hat on, a scruffy beard, long brownish hair; a nice looking guy maybe in his late thirties. I later returned to the area with Tamra and she pinpointed the same spot and picked up the same man without my information.

We walked a little ways down towards the river and crossed a place which I’d call "holy" … you could feel peace and light. It was in just that one spot between two trees. Maybe this was what the “prayer ladies” had been coming up for.

During a break, we were standing there talking at the edge of the BOQ. I had a pull to go on the porch. As I got to the edge of the porch, I got a picture in my head of the Captain or "sir" standing just in front of the closest door to BOQ. As my mind was focusing in on this, he noticed me and came rushing forward at me in a fast motion yelling in my face about being out of uniform. Then he was gone …for the moment at least.


Replica of Captain's Uniform from the late 1700s

I called for the rest of the team to join me and we stepped up to the porch. Tamra and I stood right in front of the door and together tried to get the Captain to come forth. We could hear him walking around and shuffling his feet. When we asked him questions or asked him to respond, he tried at first but lost his energy quickly. I believe this was due to his sudden outburst at me a few minutes before.


Nikki & Tamra at the BOQ door

JimC: During this time, Tamra was mic’ed and we are checking the audio file for the sounds we heard through the door as well as EVPs.

JimC: Anthony also attempted to get a response to our questions using our modified K-II EVP meter. Other than an occasional spurious response, we did not capture any responses.


Anthony using the modified K-II EVP meter.

Nikki: Tamra and I walked around to the back to the cellar door and heard some movement like someone was in there. A few men’s voices and a little movement inside.

As we tried to contact the men, I put my hand on the door and got a visual of fire and demons. Why demons? I really don’t know.

As we where walking away, once again I got the smell of BBQ pork.

26/27JUL08 Update

A team of 4 TEP investigators investigated Fort Southwest Point on 26/27JUL08 from 8PM Saturday til 4:30AM Sunday. We continue to analyze the evidence collected, but we can report on:

Our sensitive reported:
  • a lady named Angela in a nice blue dress - possibly an officer's wife on a visit?
  • a dark and foreboding presence she could not get a image of
  • a group of rowdy soldiers cooking barbecue that scared her more than the dark entity

Witness, Haunted Event:

In an interview with Keith Foster, Chief Fort Agent, he recounted the following:

"This occurred on a Sunday night in the beginning of the month of April,2003. James and I were spending the night in building number eight. Which is the Bachelor Officer's Quarters or BOQ. We were part of a group of living history from the Fort and the Avery Trace history group.

About two in the morning, the door in the building swung open by itself. Let me explain the way the door works. First, there are two doors in the building. The South door was locked with a keyed deadbolt. At the time, I had the only key. The North door can only be opened from the inside. The latch takes two motions to open. First, you must lift it up, then must move it to the left. At that point the door can be opened. When the door is open you must block it open or it will slowly close on its own.

Well, when the door opened that night, you could hear the two movements of the latch. Then the door swung open and stayed open on its own. At that time the room turned very cool for a time. James whispered if I would shut the door. I was the closest to the door. But I didn't answer him, but let him jump out of bed and shut the door. We were the only people in the building at that time."

Keith also reported that a group of women used to come to the fort often to pray; saying it was a special site with a portal to heaven and that they had seen angels up there.

23JUL08 Update

We have received city permission to to perform a late night investigation of the 18th century fort in Kingston.

NOTE: Professional protocol: Always obtain permission, even if the site is public property, and always notify the local law enforcement. This will prevent lights and sirens at 3AM!

Dr. Jim Clauson
Lead Investigator and Case Manager

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