Case File: Craig-y-Nos Castle, South Wales, UK
by JimC, Friday 20 October 2006 - 16:30:58

Case File opened: 12OCT06

Craig-y-Nos Castle

18MAR08 update

I finally got the video from the MAR07 investigation converted for web delivery. They are hosted at: We experienced a number of phenomenon in Charlotte's room - there are three 10-minute videos of that part of the vigil. The cellar video is interesting for what happened as well as showing what happens when one tries to set up a new Night Shot cam in pitch darkness!

30MAR07 Update

We have a confirmed date of 21/22MAR07 for the visit to Craig-y-Nos. This site is located about 4 hours west of London in South Wales. We will be meeting with associates from South Wales and Yorkshire for the all night investigation.

Check their web site

We have tentative plans in place for part of our team to travel to South Wales in 2007 to peform an all-night investigation at Craig-y-Nos Castle. The UK television show Most Haunted considers this one of the most paramormally active sites they have visited.

The original Gothic manor-house was built in 1843 by Captain Rice Powell and was significantly updated by Adelina Patti from 1870 on until her death. Both owners and several other entities are said to remain active in this site.

More anon.

Dr. Jim Clauson
Case Manager

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