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Third Eye Paranormal: Robust and repeatable investigations into the Paranormal.: Notes on Spooked show on the SciFi channnel

Notes on Spooked show on the SciFi channnel
by JimC, Wednesday 21 June 2006 - 06:31:59

"Spooked - The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium" aired on the SciFi channel in early June, 2006. The 2 hour show was a 'documentary' - essentially 'The Making of the Death Tunnel' a 2005 movie based on and filmed at Waverly Hills.


Waverly Hills opened in 1926 at a cost of $1.1 million and operated as a TB sanatorium until 1961. During this time, an estimated 63,000 people died. It was remodeled and opened as Woodhaven Geriatric in 1963, then closed in 1980 due to patient abuse.

[ CORRECTION: Based on information from John Amerine, who has a database of death certificates from Waverly, the total that dies there is much closer to 6-8,000. ]

The hill top location and winged design facing southwest were designed to capture the prevailing breezes as fresh air was thought to be critical to recovery from TB.

Floor contents:

First floor: (8-20 nGauss)
  • lobby

  • gift shop

  • library

  • solarium and patients rooms

  • offices

  • medical labs

  • X-ray & dark rooms

  • one nurses station

  • salon-barber shops

  • dentist

  • "death wing" (far end of kitchen wing)

  • morgue

  • maintenance room/back-up corpse storage

  • alleged draining room

  • access to tunnel

Second floor: (10-18 nGauss)
  • Kitchen

  • bakery & dining rooms & cafeteria

  • minor surgery/treatment room

  • solarium & patients rooms

  • kitchenette

  • Main dining room would seat 328, then up to 448 by opening the folding doors. Smaller area was used mainly for children

Third floor: (56-90 nGauss??)
  • minor surgery/treatment room

  • solarium & patients rooms

  • kitchenette

  • dinette

  • 2 nurses stations

  • ghost of Mary Lee, a 6-7 year old child with no eyes, wearing a white dress. Often seen looking out a window. Has been know to ask visitors to play.

Fourth floor: (26-46 nGauss)
  • major surgery

  • labs

  • recovery rooms

  • rooms with private bath for the more affluent patients

  • waiting rooms

  • minor surgery/treatment room

  • solarium & patients rooms

  • kitchenette

  • dinette

  • wet bare foot prints

Fifth floor: (50-60 nGauss??)
  • heliotherapy department

  • elevator maintenance in bell tower

  • children's ward (one side of nurses station)

  • insane ward (the other side of nurses station) - also for the hard to manage patients

  • Sun Rooms

  • playground

  • fingernail(?) scratch marks in shower room tile

  • Room 502 - scene of nurse suicide by hanging herself from a light fixture, pregnant and unmarried, self-aborted - fetus found in well system

  • also a nurse that jumped to her death from 5th floor


525 foot steam-heated tunnel to bottom of hill. Used to bring in supplies and for employees when snow made the roads up to the sanatorium impassable. One half was stairs and one half was a cement incline with a tracked trolley system for moving materials up and down.

When death rate was at 3 people per hour, the tunnel was used to discretely remove the bodies to the bottom of the hill for family pickup, train shipment, or the crematorium.

Dr. Jim Clauson


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