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Third Eye Paranormal: Robust and repeatable investigations into the Paranormal.: Notes on TAPS episode on Waverly Hills

Notes on TAPS episode on Waverly Hills
by JimC, Wednesday 21 June 2006 - 04:45:22

This was episode #214 on the SciFi channel.

Jason Haws, TAPS team leader, enters each investigation as a skeptic, with the intent to disprove. At the end of this show, he concluded the sanatorium is indeed haunted.

Background: Waverly Hills was built in 1924, is 180,000 square feet on 5 floors, had 500 beds, and sat on 600 acres.

3 'known' employee deaths:
  • 1928 - 45 year old single nurse

  • 1928 - 34 year old practical nurse

  • also mentioned an orderly, but no details

Paranormal activity:

Basement - EVP activity

2nd floor: TAPS caught a short entity on FLIR - possibly a boy named Tim.

3rd floor:
  • doors banging

  • 3+ second energy saturation of FLIR unit

4th floor:
  • Documented case of homeless man and white dog killed from a fall into an elevator shaft. Tina reported seeing ghosts of each - the man is tall, slender, with frizzy hair and a long coat.

  • Low light video of entity coming out of a wall and crossing hallway

5th floor:
  • Numerous shadow people - limited energy prevents full materialization, <5 foot tall

  • ghost of female nurse in white coat

  • Room 502, where nurse reportedly hung herself - pregnant participants feel discomfort

  • flickering bluish & white lights

Dr. Jim Clauson


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