Case File: Milner Field, Yorkshire, UK

Case file opened 30MAY06

25JUN07 Update:

Soul Rescue - An act of metaphysical intervention between a living person and a spirit whereby the earthbound energy is advised and instructed on how to leave the earthly plain and go into the Light to begin it's new afterlife existence. Often a Channeler or psychic will act as the human agent for this event.

MAY07 - In Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK - there is the ruin large Victorian mansion – now just a rubble pile over arched cellars. After the strange deaths of several owners, the place could not be sold, was stripped and then torn down in the 1950's. Sensitives said that there were many tortured souls trapped in the ruins.

Over the past 7 years, I have been there 9 times. Something keeps drawing me back. 4 trips ago, my friend Bob and I were ‘surveying’ the area with dowsing L-rods looking for underground vaults. We found so many anomalies that my friend contacted a friend of his named Tom, who is quite an energy expert.

The anomaly that we were the most curious about was a circle maybe 20 feet (~7 meters) in diameter that showed as a sun-wise swirl in the dowsing rods. Each using a set of L-rods - we kept converging on an area in the woods that we 'bounded' and decided was a powerful, swirling vortex. We thought maybe we had located an underground water pool of some sort.

Tom then used his skills as a dowser and a single L-rod as a divination tool to ask questions about the energy and he determined that it was neither water-based nor natural. It was, he explained, an energy vortex that contained trapped souls.

Tom and I were in the center of the circle and Bob was watching from the edge. At this point, I was a willing, but unwitting facilitator. I began to feel very strange and my heart was racing. I tried my relaxation tools to try to bring my heart rate down before I ‘popped a gasket’. Tom put his hand on my chest (I thought to feel my heart rate) and things really got strange. [see image below] I could not concentrate - I seemed flooded with far ranging thoughts and impressions - none of which I could later remember. The time lapse was hard to pin down.

I knew I had been through something significant - but was, and still am to an extent, clueless to what had happened.

Tom knew what was happening all along and was surprised that I had proved to be so sensitive to the spiritual side to have been the connector for the rescue of a family of 5 souls from the 18th century.

30MAR07 Update

We will be returning to Milner Field this spring, during the same visit to the UK when we visit the haunted Craig-y-Nos castle. We have asked 2 energy mediums we met last year to accompany us to the site to better investigate this year. Our energy work last year, even with borrowed kit was promising. We are also taking as much gear as we can get through customs.

We are going to Sedona AZ in April to do background on energy fields and vortices.

I have made contact with an area historian in Bingley, Yorkshire to try and get more background information on this ill-fated property that is reported to have been responsible for many strange deaths - which is why the Salt mansion was torn down!!

I have found the digital shots from 2006 and will load a gallery page shortly.



Some investigations are planned for months and some are spontaneous. On a recent visit to the UK, I was visiting a "special" site and encountered a number of sensory anomolies as well as auras. As the visit was supposed to be a holiday, I had taken no paranormal investigation kit with me.

Imagine trying to find an EMF meter in a small town in a foreign country! I was finally referred to a Wiccan witch, who in turn referred me to a man in her circle that does energy work. I contacted him and was able to both borrow some energy dousing kit and an aurameter. He had 2 conditions: first - he must be allowed to accompany me and second, we must be out by night fall! For over 50 years, no one had ever been able to spend more than a few minutes in Milner Field after dark.

I will add to this case file as soon as I finish typing up my notes and also get some of the missing pieces in the history of Milner Field.

Dr. Jim Clauson
Case manager

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