Case File: Waverly Hills

Case file opened 12JUN06.

23MAY09 Update: With a total of about only 20 folks throughout the building, we will be running 5 teams of 4 investigators per floor. With all of us on the same schedule, we will hopefully be able to get the maximum out of the 8PM to 4AM allowed time in the building.

We will be testing new Deep IR and Full Spectrum cameras from Moditronic and new full spectrum and IR illuminators from Creepy Hollow Gear. We theorize that by widening our frequency spectrums beyond visible light - we will capture evidence that has eluded us.

15APR09 Update: KPRS has graciously invited us to accompany them on a full-night, single-group investigation in June. We are hoping to work collaboratively like this with the other 20 +/- Paranormal groups in the greater Knoxville area.

Short on Travel Channel about Waverly:

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Chris Fleming at Waverly, MAY09:

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13SEP06 Update: The <b>Waverly Hills</b> investigation is on hold awaiting a time when there will be fewer groups in the building, so that we can effect a more effective investigation.

The TEP Investigators have received permission to investigate the Waverley Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY on Monday, 8JUN09 and Tuesday, 9JUN09. This will be an overnight paranormal investigation - beginning around 8PM Monday and ending around 4AM Tuesday.

We have spent 8 months researching this facility from both a physical and a paranormal standpoint and feel we are well prepared for the visit.

We are currently awaiting receipt of the last pieces of equipment we feel we will need for this visit.

I will update this case file as events unfold.

Dr. Jim Clauson
Case manager

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